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I am a professional violinist working in classical music.

I have friends who are musicians, but other friends who are not; the latter are naturally curious about the sometimes strange world we musicians inhabit. I think sometimes when we go off on tour, they imagine a gloriously glamorous lifestyle, swanning around in 5 star hotels, and having a whale of a time.. Not often true, at least not for this working musician. I think most of them now see the late nights, the missed social events and don’t envy me too much. There’s also the inevitable “oh it must be SO wonderful to do something you love”, and yes, to a certain extent that’s true, but the other side of it is the late nights, the bad beds in awful hotels in strange places, being away from home, missing your friends and family. However I hope the upside outweighs the down, and will prove to do so here.

So – here’s the reality – this is what actually happens in this musician’s life…