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I’m staying at a rather lovely caravan park in Hamble this week by the marina.

The weather’s been so beautiful – so when the first night in a new bed in new surroundings yielded a 5.15am wake up call Wednesday morning it wasn’t quite as bad as waking up in the dead of winter because there was such a beautiful sunrise. Golds and reds spreading across the sky in an almost orchestrated fashion – it was rather awe inspiring. Anyway, a new bed every week of tour usually spells a slightly disrupted sleep pattern, and with most operas going up (finishing) between 10.15pm and 10.45pm, getting to bed early to compensate isn’t really an option.

The time in the day before the show tends to be rather mixed, depending on the show, the aim being to have enough energy for starting work around 7. Last night’s opera, the third different one of the week, was Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, the longest of the three, and is rather physically and mentally demanding due to its length. Stunning music, but still…  after about an hour and a half, you reach the finale of act II, which is still about twenty minutes before the interval, you are aware that your back is stuck in an unnatural position, that you’re fighting to keep your thoughts on the music, and not on the possibility of interval cake or chocolate.

So an element of rest the day after can be rather necessary, particularly as the week goes on.