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This week I’m in Plymouth performing at the Theatre Royal. I’m staying in a caravan park on the coast just outside of Plymouth. I can see the sea from the lounge window, and it’s a rather pretty place to be staying, if a little chilly this week!

Plymouth has some nice things to offer, in particular there are a few restaurants found on previous tours which I’m looking forward to revisiting this week.

The first is the Ship Inn at Noss Mayo http://nossmayo.com/index.html which does lovely food by the water. The car park is actually covered by water at high tide, so sometimes a leisurely lunch can turn into a scramble to rescue the car!

The other restaurant is run by the Tanner brothers. Anyone who is a fan of Saturday Kitchen might recognise James, who has been a regular on that programme. I really enjoyed visiting the Barbican Kitchen http://www.barbicankitchen.com/index.html for lunch last year when we were here.

Even though it’s Easter week, we’re still performing shows, apart from on Friday. We are doing the regular Tue-Thu shows, and then Friday we’ve got a day off in Plymouth before doing our last show on Saturday night. Some people who have families will be driving home on Thursday night, and driving both ways on Saturday. However I find long distance driving very tiring, and as I’ve no particular reason to go home for the day on Friday, it’s easier to stay; also saves petrol!

However, this is the last week I’ll be staying away from home on this particular tour. The weeks coming up are Bristol and Swansea; they are commutable from home, so it’s quite exciting that this is the last week that I’ll be living out of a suitcase for a while.

On Friday I’m going to answer a question I’ve been asked; What is touring like? Is it like one big family or seriously dysfunctional?