A mostly classical violinist – I’ve done all sorts. Orchestral, ballet, more lately operatic; as a member of an opera orchestra for the past 7 years, I am lucky enough to have a job – especially in these difficult times for the music world.

Had a previous touring part time job with a ballet company. Before the opera job, also used to play a bit with the wonderful Scottish Ensemble, and the London Philharmonic as an extra and was on the Live Music Now! Scheme from 2003-5. Add to that some lovely chamber music, and the odd solo concerto; then there are concerts like the last Jubilee Buckingham Palace concert in 2002 which featured people like Brian May and Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton and Annie Lennox…

I also go to the wonderful St Endellion Summer Festival http://www.endellionfestivals.org.uk/ in Cornwall – 2011 was my first one, and I’m going back this summer. Wonderful thing to check out…

Outside of that… I belong to a choir which sings musicals and movie music – City Voices Cardiff www.cityvoicescardiff.com and I row, and bake, and write, learn Italian, and am interested in all sorts of things!

All views are my own. Thank you for visiting.



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